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What's happening in your body?

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Is there a symptom in your body that's bothering you?

The symptom I’m asking you to think of, could be as small as a recurring rash or as big as a chronic illness or debilitating disease. It could be the extra weight you carry or just the way you digest, breathe or feel.

Do you have an idea why you have this symptom? Is there a reason your body is behaving this way?

When we ask these questions about our bodies, we’ll usually think of different reasons for why the body behaves the way it does.

It could be because of our diet, lifestyle and toxic environment.

It could be because of an injury or an accident we’ve experienced.

It could be that there are things we’ve inherited from our parents and they are just passed down through the genes.

But maybe there’s more than that. Maybe there’s a deeper meaning to your specific symptom. Maybe there’s something unexpressed or unresolved in your life that's creating this issue. Maybe there’s a secret kept, a story untold or an emotion that hasn’t been fully felt.

In my understanding of the body, there’s always an emotional reason involved within the root cause of our symptoms. It might not be the only reason, but it’s always there. Even in an accident or a sports injury, there might be an emotional reason present, something like a difficult story in our lives that’s asking for our attention or causing a lot of stress.

Usually your body speaks when you don’t listen. Your body expresses what you couldn’t say and stops you in your tracks when you’re too stubborn or your battery is running low.

I believe that your body doesn’t lie and it’s too smart to do things randomly. The body's operating systems are a result of millions of years of evolution and all the intelligent systems are intended to help us survive.

So why are we sick? Why are we in pain?

I’ve spent the last 4 years of my life studying and researching these questions to begin to understand the hidden language of the body and the messages the body carries.

The most challenging part of this kind of healing work is that the body will hold on to the parts of our lives that we don’t want to look at or we are unable to look at, due to the intensity of the emotional pain. The work of retrieving the untold stories of the past can be very difficult since they usually lie behind vaults of protection. The answers for why the body is sick can be found deep within the unconscious, and without a key to the unconscious, these answers might never be revealed.

This healing practice is not for the weak and the fearful, it requires deep self-reflection and courage in order to look into the darkness of our past and begin to remember the things we’ve wanted to forget.

The more pain we’ve forgotten, the more our body might speak. The more we push away and close ourselves to the darkness within ourselves, the more this emotional poison will eat us from the inside.

On the other hand, the more we listen to the body, the more we can start moving towards a stronger connection with ourselves. The more we allow ourselves to release the pain of the past, the lighter we get. Our body is meant to be healthy; it’s meant to serve us as we fulfil what we’re here to do on this planet. Your body can be painless, it can be whole, it can be the way you wish it to be.


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