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  • How do you protect yourself from another person’s energy or negative emotions from affecting you?
    When I am offering healing and I encounter the pain of others I am many times moved by this pain. It may sadden or anger me, but still the emotions I am experiencing are my own. From my experience I will not feel the pain of another if it doesn’t touch my own pain. If there is a similar pain inside me then the pain of the other will resonate with what I carry and I may feel it in that moment. If I discover within myself sadness that is triggered by the sadness that is being expressed by someone during their own healing process then I know that this emotion is present for me to become aware of it and continue my own healing process of releasing what is within me. I can’t exclude myself from any healing process. Even though it may seem that I am on the side that is healing and the other is being healed the truth is that I am creating a space and openness for healing to happen and allow whatever needs to be healed to do so, whether in myself, another person or in the world around us. I strongly believe that our own healing benefits the world, and by choosing to heal our own wounds it is not a selfish act but an act of healing the world entire. The other part of protecting myself is to connect to the power of love. There is no stronger protection than love and by coming into my heart and changing my frequency to one of love, compassion, gratitude, appreciation or joy I am protected from any negativity from bringing me down. It is like lighting a candle in a dark room, understanding that I cannot light a candle of darkness in a light room that will remove the light. By bringing light in through love and compassion I am able to love any pain, to understand it and allow its presence to exist. By connecting to love I don’t get rid of the pain that is present but I can unconditionally accept its presence and just be with it until it is ready to be released.
  • Can you sense and feel other people’s Chakra’s and know when they’re blocked? Do you see or feel things and can you share what you see?
    I’ve met healers and seers in the past who have helped me a lot on my healing path. People who can sense my energy, tell me about my past or my future and help me to understand through this information what I need to see so that I can be healthier and happier in my life. In my practice as a healer and spiritual teacher I do not do this. I don’t feel the energy of a person and tell them where they are blocked and what they need to learn. I realized that even if I would tell and share the truth about another person’s life and body it wouldn’t help as much as it would if they would discover themselves. What I realized was that my intuition works not in a way of knowing the answer but in a way of knowing the right question to ask which will allow in a new understanding and truth that was not seen before. When I ask the question, many times I get a sense of what the answer is and can help to reach this answer but still the process of healing is best done by us and not by someone else doing it for us. People come and want someone to give them the answers, to solve their problem and to heal them from their pains and illnesses but healing at its deepest level happens by facing the difficult questions and finding the answers that we have not been able to face in the past.
  • How can I know if I’m trauma free? Is there a way to know that I’ve completely released a trauma? What if I’ve done a lot of work on something painful that happened in my past- how do I know if there’s more to be released?
    Life speaks to us all the time through our experiences. We can learn so much about what we carry just by observing life in the present and being aware of the many levels of unconscious patterns that we carry with us. If life speaks to us through a painful experience today, then this is a sign that we are holding on to a painful emotion, event or limiting belief that was created in the past. When the pattern, belief or emotion from the past are released completely then we stop creating experiences that reflect this pain since it is not necessary anymore. We have learned the lesson that needed to be learned and our growth has reached a level that will allow us to touch a more advanced lesson. Another clear indication of leftover trauma is the body. If the body has pain in it- of any kind- this is a sign of something that is not released. We may think at times that we processed a trauma from the past since we talked about it and went through a healing process which felt like a release and understanding of the pain. But as long as there is physical pain in the body, this means that there is another level of release that is waiting to happen. The body doesn’t lie, so if we could listen to what the body is saying we would realize that it is saying that it’s holding on to unprocessed emotions or events from the past.
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