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What is the difference between curing and healing?

Curing is the relief of a symptom or illness that can happen by use of medication, operation, treatment (natural or not) or change of environment (diet, sleep, exercise etc.). There are more holistic ways to cure symptoms than others, and there is a lot of need for curing and relieving illnesses, but still it is different from healing.

Healing is an experience or a journey on which one takes responsibility over their own well-being. Healing is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience that brings one into wholeness. Healing changes the perception of the purpose of pain to one with meaning and depth sometimes beyond our understanding. Healing may allow one to discover the root cause of the pain or symptom and release it at its core. With healing comes acceptance and willingness to look into the pain we carry. With healing comes love and gratitude for every part of the journey.

You are the only one who can heal yourself. Everyone around you is there to support you on your path whether through showing you what needs to be healed or supporting and helping you on this healing journey. You can heal.


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