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The Era of Self Healing

Updated: May 14, 2020

I want to heal myself.

Not because I don't like going to the doctor (which I don't) or because I have a problem asking for help (which I sometimes do), but because it is the most empowering thing I can do.

The world in which we live today allows us to be our own healers. We will probably be the best possible healers for ourselves, and the truth is, we're the only ones who can be fully responsible for our own health.

If there is a single message I would like to give you, it is this:

You can heal yourself.

If you start to look for healing stories, you will find so many cases of people who healed themselves. You will find stories of ordinary people, old people, young people, sometimes even doctors or healers, who took responsibility to heal themselves from their pains, from their chronic illnesses and even from the cancer in their bodies.

Here are a few stories and books on the subject that I recommend.

1. Radical Remission by Kelly A. Turner, PhD - Kelly Turner collected over 1000 cases of people who healed from cancer. She questioned them to learn what they did in order to heal. She discovered that there were nine key factors that were most common in the stories of those who healed, and she shares that knowledge and many stories in her book. She has created a website ( that continues to collect stories from people who have healed themselves from cancer in order to continue learning and to inspire those who are going through the challenge of healing from this disease.

2. Brave New Medicine by Cynthia Li, MD - Dr. Li shares her own healing story of her autoimmune condition and does so through the eyes of a doctor. She shares that, at first, it was difficult for her to approach her own health issues with the tools she had learned from her medical practice. Her intuition and insights led her to discover many aspects of her health of which she wasn't aware and that deeply needed attention.

3. Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani- An incredible story of a woman who went into a coma as the result of her stage four cancer, and when she woke up she was filled with insights about herself and her life, and her body healed completely within 6 weeks.

4. The Journey by Brandon Bays- Another story of a woman with a very large cancerous tumor who managed to heal herself by diving and releasing some of her deep emotional wounds.

The reason these healing stories and many more are so crucial for us is that they show us that healing ourselves is possible and transformative. These stories are an incredible reminder of our own strength and resourcefulness, and they can give hope to many who seek it.

My own story is not one of dis-ease. I've been guided to put attention to my own well being and health way before my body stops me in my tracks. I believe that we can prevent many diseases by understanding our own health and addressing our underlying issues before they appear as physical illness. Healing to me is much more than curing the physical body from symptoms. The healing I've focused on in my own life is directed towards the deepest aspects of my mind and soul. This healing requires me to ask if I'm on my path and if I'm giving attention to the obstacles and problems that are constantly showing me that something might be wrong. This healing requires me to ask if there are any blind spots in my relationships, my work, my community or my attitude towards life. My body will get sick as a result of putting these questions aside for too long. The dis-ease is only a symptom, a reminder that there is a deeper problem in my life that is asking for attention and healing. The potential of the dis-ease is to wake me up and allow me to change something in my life, if I am willing to listen and face my own pain.

So, what can you do?

You can eat well, and according to your specific body type and individual need, you can sleep well and avoid toxicity.

You can move your body, exercise regularly and just pay attention to this vessel that needs lots of care and attention.

You can try to worry less, think positive thoughts, meditate and allow yourself to rest on a daily basis.

You can be kind and compassionate to yourself and judge yourself as little as possible.

You can let go of your past by forgiving yourself and others and by expressing any suppressed emotions .

You can ask yourself if you're on your path, if you're doing what you've come here to do and keep moving towards that fulfilment and alignment with your soul's mission.

The challenging times we are going through now are bringing into light how important it is that we take care of our own health and the health of our loved ones. It is a wake up call, reminding us to heal ourselves, not out of the fear of getting sick, but as a deep wish to be healthy and fulfil our destiny. I truly believe that healing ourselves is the best thing we can do to make the whole world a better place.

And remember, there are many diseases but only one health.


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