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Freedom from the fears within

There is so much fear around us and it's so interesting to notice which fears emerge inside of us. I've been looking at my own fear and the fears of those around me and noticed how different they are. What is clear to me is that fear exists in everyone but each fear reflects something else inside our minds and emotions. In myself, the first fear I met was the fear to lose my freedom. As a person who travels and puts a lot of importance to my freedom, this fear was so immediate and so strong. What if I can't do all the things I want to do? And more specifically - who does the government think they are to take away my freedom? I could only later see that this anger at authority is quite childish and a bit selfish but it was interesting to notice my first reaction. I was also able to see that this fear was not created in this moment. It has been there inside me, waiting to emerge, and this situation has allowed me to look at it in a deeper way. The other fears I've seen around me are the fear of dying, of being sick, of losing loved ones. The fear of running out of food, of losing my job, of not having money, of being alone, of being bored or helpless. As you notice different people and how they behave, you might see who is expressing which fear. But what is most crucial to notice is that THIS FEAR IS NOT NEW. It exists from the past and is just being expressed here in this moment of deep uncertainty. So can we isolate the fear that is alive in us and ask ourselves where does this fear originate? If I experience a fear of losing my freedom I can look back at the moments in my life that my external freedom was taken away from me, like being in school, in the military or in prison. This pattern exist in me and as soon as something is happening, this is the first to express itself. The other fear I've noticed more recently in myself is the fear of hurting those around me. I've been thinking a lot about "what if I am the one to carry the virus and spread it to others." I'm aware that some people will not have that thought but in me it is very strong in these last days. So what can I do when I become aware of the fear that is alive in me? First I ask myself "when in my life have I experienced something similar? When have I been afraid to lose my loved ones, to die, to be vulnerable, to be all alone?" I start to listen to any memories that come, any past experiences in which I felt this fear. I allow myself to really feel it even if it is painful and allow any tears or emotions to be expressed. I do this as many time as I need and I reach deeper and deeper levels of the fears that I carry with me. It helps also to talk to a a loved one and do this exercise with them asking each other about our fears. When in YOUR past have you experienced the fear that is alive in you now? Can you feel it? Can you allow it to exist? This unique time in our life is an amazing opportunity to look deep inside ourselves. We can either choose to nourish the fears, allowing them to take over and spread like a virus, or we can use the fears that have come up to heal our wounds that we've carried within us. It is not so much our choice whether we will catch the virus or not, but it is our choice how to react to the fears that exist inside of us. It is our choice to heal at a deeper level and change the way we feel in our inner world. Courage does not express itself by eliminating all fears. It is the ability to face our fears that are part of our human DNA and go beyond them to discover the peace and freedom that lie on the other side. Please comment and share about your own fears. It is important to express and talk about your fears and if you think you don't have any fears perhaps look at your fear of being vulnerable or weak...


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