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Emotional trauma stays in the body

Imagine a foreign object like a piece of glass, some dirt or even a rusty nail stuck in your body creating an open wound. And over time, the wound may begin to close but it will keep getting infected, opening up again and again and never really healing as long as this object is stuck inside the body. Sometimes you may try to clean the wound, cover it with a bandaid or use different plants or medicines to help the wound heal. But the only way to let this wound truly heal is to open it up and remove this glass or dirt or rusty nail from your body. This will hurt, maybe a lot, and will not be easy or fun. This can be scary and you might think it would be better to keep this object inside your body since you are so used to it and why mess with something that you can live with since you've lived with it for so long. The truth is you don't have to remove the object if you don't want to. But it will keep getting infected, keep opening up in painful ways and it will always be there until you are ready to remove it.

Emotional trauma is like this foreign object. Some traumas are small, like pieces of dirt or a small thorn, and some are bigger and more painful like a rusty nail or a big piece of glass. In our life we carry this trauma with us wherever we go, whether we are aware or not, and the pain of this trauma is triggered all the time by our relationships, our work and our environment. The only way to heal this trauma is to open up the wound and release the pain that is still inside.

This is the purpose of the Energy Washout and other healing modalities that work with the underlying trauma. We open up the wound, sometimes we are only able to look at the wound, see that it's there and come back another time to release it. Eventually, when we are strong enough to endure the pain of extracting the nail, we can really allow ourself to feel that pain and release the emotions that have been waiting to be released. It can be scary, painful and sometimes even traumatic to touch the pain of the past. It is so important to make sure before doing so, that you are ready to open these wounds of the past and that you are strong enough to handle the pain. Check again if you really want to live without your foreign object that you've gotten so comfortable with, or if you still feel that it's not so bad and you don't need to heal it right now.

If you truly want to live without this wound it might be time to open up your past, at your own pace, and begin to remove your foreign object. It might take an hour, a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime (or more ;), please don't rush, be patient and kind with yourself. Give yourself all the time you need to heal yourself from this pain. If you've ever done this before you'd know, that the moment it's out- there is incredible freedom and lightness, you are filled with love to yourself and to all that is, and it feels like you can finally breath for the first time.


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