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Why is my body behaving this way?

Our body speaks to us all the time in different ways, asking us to listen to its calls. Sometimes physical pain, illness or dis-ease are the only ways our body can get through to us. Many times it is a wake up call asking us to look deeply at something that we have been ignoring or overlooking.

In order to find out more we can begin by asking: What is my body trying to tell me? What in my life am I not looking at, so that my body feels the need to express itself this way? Let us begin with the understanding that our body's message to us is something challenging and not obvious, something we may filter from our consciousness because it is too uncomfortable or painful to look at. Let us also remember that the answer might not come as soon as we ask and the more we practice asking and listening to our body the easier it gets to find the answers. But to begin with, we can ask and leave the question open until we are ready for the answer to come.

Our body is an advanced, sophisticated machine that does so many actions properly without us giving it any attention. But if something goes wrong in the system, we know something is not right but we have never learned to ask WHY? Why is my body choosing this malfunction? Why is my body behaving this way? I believe that the body has a good reason to say and do what it says and does and I invite you to explore alone or together with me the depths of the messages of the malfunctions of this incredible machine that is our body. There are many dis-eases but only one health. May we all continue to move forward to find this health in our bodies, minds and souls.


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