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Why are you here?

Every healing session starts with the question "Why are you here?" The answer isn't always clear but usually within a few minutes we can come up with an answer that's good enough to move forward with. The next question I tend to ask is "Where does this issue come from?" For some reason this simple question is almost always a surprise. "Hmmm, I've never thought about that" is an answer that comes often.

This question is pointing us into the past since the past holds many answers to the issues of the present. The reason we carry our past with us is because something happened that was overwhelming or difficult to handle. Sometimes what was overwhelming was a thought or a feeling that we couldn't share or talk about with anyone. So healing can start simply with sharing something we felt or thought that had no room to be expressed. THE ISSUES AND PROBLEMS OF TODAY ARE RESULTS OF THE UNEXPRESSED EMOTIONS OF THE PAST. So please, find someone or someplace in your life where you feel safe to share those feelings that were too difficult to talk about. Find a way to let out the words that stayed stuck in your throat. Let yourself express the dark secrets that you thought nobody can ever know about you. Let yourself feel the freedom of being who you are, with all the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the beauty and ugliness that is within us all.


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