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My Healing Journey

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

At the beginning of my healing process, I didn't want to go to a psychologist to work on any issues because I was sure there was nothing to work on.

Everything was alright.

But I was still curious to develop spiritually and learn more about myself and my mind and emotions. In my spiritual path, I encountered a practice that opened something up inside me, and the thought that there was nothing to work on wasn't so clear anymore.

I encountered loneliness and tears that I didn't think existed in me, which sent me on a journey to regain the ability to feel.

Through the Energy Washout, I could penetrate through some of the defenses that kept me from being vulnerable and exposed. By touching physical pain connected with specific pressure points in the body, I could experience the deep pain buried inside me.

At the time, I thought that only with this intense and painful kind of therapy I can break free and touch these deep parts of myself.

Inspired by my experiences, I learned the method of Energy Washout and met dozens of patients with a story similar to mine, with a deep desire to feel and penetrate the walls of defense that did not allow them to be exposed and to experience the pain and sadness that was buried deep inside.

I discovered that not everyone was like me, and I realized that I was not the same person as I was when I started. The pain of the pressure points no longer helped me and sometimes even shut me down. I could feel that some of the people I met didn't respond so well to the intensity of the treatment and needed a gentle touch, along with someone to support them as they went inside to meet their emotional pain.

I learned about myself and others that there are different stages in the healing process and that there are many practices that work for different people or even for the same people who are at different stages in their healing journey. I learned to be more attentive to what is needed now. In the moment, there may be a person who needs to remember the forgotten pain and wake up from a deep numbness like I did at the beginning of my journey, Or there may be someone who is so deeply connected to their pain that they just need someone who can hold this pain together with them.

The healing journey is such a delicate and individual journey that requires time, attention and a lot of courage. If you have embarked on this journey, please remember that you are not alone and that you are on the right path. Know that there is someone who will support you even when it seems that you are all alone.

If you don't know which path will suit you in your healing journey, I will be happy to advise, direct and send you in the direction that I think will be most supportive for you at the stage you are in. I would be happy to share my experiences and offer tools that will help you to continue on your own and get to know your needs better and better.


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