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My path is the path of love

It was around 4 years ago when I heard about the Energy Washout for the first time. It was spoken about as an experience that will open me up and touch me deeply. I had considered myself more a person of the mind and felt a deep longing to connect to my emotions and body. The Energy Washout was the perfect way for me to get there. Working through my body, through my breath, I could begin to quiet the mind, to put the thoughts and beliefs in the background so that I could allow my emotions to come forth. In my first experience I didn't touch any painful past events (which I did in the washouts to come), but I was able to connect to something much more profound. I was asked to look into the future and see myself happy and when I did I could feel that I was with children that were my own and I felt an incredibly powerful love, one that I had never felt before, and I began to cry. I was surprised by this outburst of emotion coming out of me and was overwhelmed by how much love I could feel in that moment. It was as though I could never love anything more than these beautiful beings and tears of love kept rolling down my cheeks. I will never forget that day and that feeling. Whether or not what I saw in the future will happen or not, the feeling I had could not have been more real.

I have learned that the space of the Energy Washout is one in which miracles happen. All you have to do is open yourself to experience and surrender to whatever is inside you and you will discover the depths of your being. The most painful, the most beautiful, the most loving parts of who you are can emerge and if you can be with them as they are, you can transform and remember why you're here and what you've come here to do. What I learned on that day is that my path is the path of love. I have committed to walk this path and discover what it means to truly love, more and more every day.


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