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Messages for myself for the new year

Stop and question myself. Is there anything I’m doing/not doing, saying/not saying that is not aligned with my values?

Get to know better what I need and want.

Learn to ask for what I need and want.

Learn to receive from others what I’ve asked for and what others give me.

Rest when I do too much.

Act when I rest too much.

Charge my battery when it’s low with things that make me feel good. Eat well. Exercise. Breath. Meditate. Laugh. Dance. Sing. Listen to my body. Spend time in nature. Spend time with people who give me space to be myself.

Be soft with myself. Be kind to myself. Be more forgiving with myself. Be grateful for what I have.

Shine my light wherever I go. Put energy into causes that matter to me. Fight for justice and peace. Find another way that doesn’t require fighting at all.

Learn to feel my anger and sadness when they’re there. Learn to communicate them better. Learn to listen to what might be underneath these powerful emotions.

Find space in my heart to add more love to wherever it’s missing. Find space in my heart to add more love.


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