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Healing Together

The first time I gave someone an Energy Washout was back in 2016. It was with a friend who was interested in what I was learning, and I tried to repeat the instructions from the course I took with Dr. Nader Butto. I knew that I wouldn't remember everything, that it wouldn't be perfect, that I was learning while doing, but in the midst of it all, I knew that this was exactly what I had to be doing and that this tool had incredible potential for freeing the soul from the pains of the past.

I continued to practice and work with anyone who was interested and agreed to work with me. Those who let me touch them were sometimes able to release, cry, heal and learn more about who they are, and I kept moving forward to learn and refine this tool. Every body, every mind and every soul is a whole world and every person may need something different at any given moment. And within all that, maybe there's a reason why they came to me, now, with whatever is happening in their lives.

To date, I have met hundreds of bodies and souls. Each one is special and they all taught me something more about myself and the world.

I took it upon myself to learn the secrets of the human mind and emotions, the secrets of physical pain and illness and the secrets of the soul's journeys. I continue to learn all the time and continue to develop the most important therapeutic tool which is me.

I see more and more that with all the knowledge I have about different healing modalities, the most meaningful thing I can do, is to bring my loving presence and just be with the person who is with me. It happens to me more and more that I am moved, I cry and I experience healing for myself through the healing work inside and outside the clinic. I discover a quality of presence that brings healing by its very existence and reminds me of a kind of grace that comes when you let go and allow healing to happen.

I found out that the healing of others has nothing to do with me and that it is something that each person can discover within themselves. I discovered that my role is only to allow and witness whatever is happening in front of me.

Healing in our body and mind is something that I know is possible and it may sometimes feel like a miracle when it happens. Although it can feel like an experience from the world of magic and miracles, it is still much more accessible and closer to us than we think.

Do you believe in healing? That it's something that's possible? Do you believe that it's in your power to bring healing into your life?

I believe and know that there is more magic in the workings of our body than we were taught at home and at school. I know there are other layers within ourselves that we haven't discovered yet and that are just waiting to be revealed. I know that I am here to discover more of these layers and to invite others to discover them with me.

So if this sounds like a journey that interests you, please talk to me, and maybe come see me for a meeting of magic and healing.


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