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March 29-31 2019   |   Be The Light You Are

be the light you are


A life changing weekend

Friday March 29 - Sunday 31 2019

Morzine, France

A weekend of meditation, nature, movement, learning and lots of  love.

Choose freedom

Love who you are 

You are invited on a journey that will allow you to heal your body and soul and remind you of the light and love that you are.  

During this weekend you will:

  • Forgive yourself and others.

  • Learn how to be more present in the challenges of your life.

  • See the purpose behind your pain.

  • Uncover what is holding you back in your life. 

  • Change the way you see the relationship with your parents.

  • Deepen your meditation practice.

  • Learn how to give and receive love.

  • Spend time in nature.

  • Ask yourself " Who are you"?

Who are we?

We are light

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A heartfelt thank you for this wonderful weekend that invites us to go inside, in depth.

I participate for the second time and it is always so strong.

Karine and Eran form a very complicit duo, which guides us with gentleness, respect and harmony. Who guides us from fa  r into the depths of ourselves, with respect for our commitment to involvement, always with love and kindness.

The exercise in white is so powerful to make us feel Love in all its forms, whether we give it or receive it. With the experience of this weekend, I leave confident in life and its trials that are there to make us grow. I have stored up a new force, and the desire to radiate this love in my environment. 

Thank you, thank you, Thank you both for all you have given us.

What I experienced this weekend is overwhelming with love. In a simple process by the question who are you? 

To the multiple answers we have touched the finger what it is to send love to each other and receive back. This love helped to dare to touch the original wound and feel where it was deposited in the body. Touching the lack, the life forces I needed were revealed. A healing image symbolizing this energy of life force will accompany me through drawing as a reminder in everyday life. The logic of the process has brought us into a process of forgiveness. What a blessing to be able to tell the person who hurt me and what it caused later and how I built myself through that and what I could take full responsibility.

What happiness to forgive and love me in my imperfection! We are beings of love.

I thought of many of my patients that I wish they could live this healing journey.

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