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My Mission

We all carry pain that prevents us from being healthy, from feeling whole and from loving and accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

Our aching body, our troubled emotions and thoughts are the symptoms of long-past, painful experiences that were too difficult to cope with at that time.

I believe that these pains exist in our life for a reason and are shouting out for us to discover why they are there. 

I am here to walk you through a deep process of healing, to uncover the meaning of your pain and release what is blocked and preventing you from living the full and healthy life that you deserve. 

You will begin to remember who you are, awakening to your true nature of unconditional love, to yourself and to all that is.  

What Do I Offer?

The Elements of My Sessions


Recognizing the root-cause

Using Recall Healing and other tools of inquiry, we will begin to identify the issues of your present and connect them with the conflicts of your past.

The first step is always "turning on the light of awareness".  Once we do that we can continue to do the deeper work of releasing and healing.

Emotional Release

Whether in person, using the Energy Washout technique, or online, using other reflective emotional tools, the need to move beyond our stories and our minds has never been more crucial. In every session, we will focus on the release of emotions, traumas and events from your past that were not processed or expressed, and may have stayed stuck due to their overwhelming nature.
This is the place where we can meet the tears and sadness, the anger and fears that are waiting to be felt and released.


The Healing Power of Love

In each session, the space is held with an open heart and loving awareness. Love must be the foundation of this practice in order to allow pain and vulnerability to be present.

Love is also where we will return to once we release the pains of our past. It is the truth of who we are, and we have the opportunity to remember it and come back home.

Is this for you?

Are you on a spiritual and healing path, seeking for ways to move forward on your journey and to bring healing into your life?

Do you have a dis-ease or pain that you believe may be connected to painful experiences from your past?

Are there bottled up emotions that you carry that need to be expressed or released? 

Are you passionate about connecting to your spiritual nature and awakening to who you really are?

If yes - join me on this journey of discovery and healing to find peace, joy and much love.



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