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The Body - Mind - Virus Connection

Do you know why old people are affected more than young people? Why some older people are affected and could possibly die, and others manage to get through it and heal? Do you know why we react so differently to the same virus? What is the difference between one individual and another?

More and more people are experiencing and believing in the connection between the body and mind. We understand that stress will affect our physical health and our blood pressure. We understand that some medical symptoms that have no other explanation might even be caused directly by stress.

But rarely do we ask about the deeper origin of our dis-ease or pain. Is there a reason we have a cold or a flu when we do? Could it be more than just being exposed to cold weather or catching it from a family member?

Is there a reason why one person will have medical issues in their stomach and another in their lungs? Why some people will have genetic dis-eases while others in their family will not, even though they have the same genetics?

And what about this virus? Why was I personally affected so differently from Karine? What makes us react so differently?

It seems that there is a direct connection between how we feel and how our bodies react. I've found that there is an emotional reason behind every one of the physical symptoms that our bodies express and that this is the body's way of telling us something important that we would not be able to see otherwise.

The fact that there is an emotional reason doesn't mean that the amount of water we drink, being in the sun, or eating food that's good for us, don't all contribute to our physical well-being. All of our external, physical circumstances will change how our body will be affected by emotional pains, but the emotional reason will always be somewhere in the equation.

We can look at the two sources of any dis-ease. Like the two sources of our creation starting from a man and a woman.

The father of dis-ease will be our physical vitality, our level of energy, or in other words how much we've charged our batteries. Our battery can be low because we've been working too hard or because we haven't been eating and sleeping well, as well as many other possible reasons.

On the other hand the mother of dis-ease will be an emotional trauma or drama, something that happened in our life that caused enough discomfort that we couldn't process it or express the feelings that were present in that moment. Maybe we kept a secret or shut our mouth so that we wouldn't hurt the ones we love. Maybe someone hurt us and we couldn't protect ourselves. Maybe we felt devalued, like we are not good enough, or maybe we were just very scared that something bad would happen. All these reasons and many others affect our bodies in one way or another. Our biology is affected by our history. Our bodies remember everything that has happened to us and there is a direct connection between our psyche, our brain and our body.

This means that if there is no emotional conflict "carried" in the body, even if we eat poorly, smoke, are exposed to pollution or to any other damaging external factors, our bodies can stay without dis-ease. This starts to explain why some smokers will get sick and others won't. Why some people who eat a lot of junk food or are exposed to pollution or viruses will get sick and others will not.

This also means that if there is an emotional conflict but the battery of our body is fully charged, full of vitality and well maintained we will also stay without dis-ease. By taking care of our bodies we can keep our energy levels so high so that our body can stay strong and healthy even if we've had a hard time emotionally.

What's also important to note is that every emotion or type of conflict is connected to a different part of the body, and the part of the body that has dis-ease is expressing a specific kind of conflict. The lungs for example are responsible for our breathing and emotionally are connected with the fear of dying, or of "what would happen if we couldn't breath anymore". When we hear about many people who are affected in their lungs and respiratory systems along with the pending fear of death that is present in this time, we can understand the possible connection between the two.

What this means for all of us is that we must tend to both the physical and the emotional. We must take care of our health by eating and sleeping well, by doing physical activity and avoiding putting toxins in our bodies. And we must also heal our emotional wounds, release suppressed emotions from our past and speak our truth that we were forced to keep a secret for many years.

In my experience, the emotional work is much more challenging than the physical and it is usually the one that takes us longest to get to. We would rather not have to bring up the ghosts of our past and believing that something that happened so long ago might be connected to my health today can be sometimes very hard to accept.

For me this is the deepest kind of healing work. It is challenging and uncomfortable, it is painful and unsettling and it takes much more courage to look at those blind spots and at the things that happened that we would rather forget. In a way, if it wasn't so challenging, the body wouldn't have to create the dis-ease to try and send us this message, and the blinder we are, the stronger the message will be.

For Karine and me, the messages were different during this Covid-19 dis-ease. We each had a chance to pay attention to the level of our immunity, vitality and general physical health which we both care about very much. And we both had a chance to take a look at the emotional aspect of these events, at the traumas and conflicts of the past.

Personally I felt this was an invitation to question my beliefs and let go into the unknown. As a healer I was reminded that there are many times that the emotional aspect, which I believe to be the most important, is irrelevant when the body is going through a crisis. The immediate help Karine needed from me was not to question and help her release past traumas, but more to support her healing, be there for her, and let her go through it by doing everything necessary to heal, be it physical, emotional or just letting time help with the healing. As the weeks went by and Karine's strength returned, we were then able to reflect on the different fears and emotions that needed healing at a deeper level. These pains were not accessible at first, when the body needed the full attention to heal.

This is true for many people who won't be able to go through any emotional healing that's related to the physical illness until the body is strong enough to allow a moment of vulnerability and deep introspection. For many people the emotional wounds go very deep and any kind of emotional healing work has to be done with much care and attention to the specific pace of the person.

Our body will react to what we feed it.

Our minds and emotions will react to what we nourish it with, to the beliefs and fears we choose to embrace.

And our souls are reacting to everything that's happening, knowing that there is something to learn, knowing that we have a lot more to grow and that this time of change is an opportunity for this growth, if we choose to seize it.


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